I have seen the short movie being conceived first and then the feature film. It was for me like when you meet a new born baby and you don’t miss the adult that he will one day become. You meet him like a kernel, precise and complete. Then you see him again, grown up and you see all the potentials of the baby some have bloomed, others dissolved, and others mixed up with some new traits. And it wonders you and confirms your original thoughts.

I have loved following this plot because it has been like an inner action movie. There is always something happening in it there is always a suspense, a feeling, a deep movement, the fuse of all the actions.

I have felt touched, enraged, compassionate and eager, I felt somehow something, and this is already a rarity in our times, but this it is not an intimate work, there is the world in it and it calls out loud. The relationship between psychotherapist and patient has been investigated very little not only by the cinema but also by the literature. And our human conscience is made by this mix of life and death, disappear and stay. The double theme of the film therefore has spoken also to my need of entering in locked rooms, of opening closed doors. I really look forward for that baby to be born and I look forward for it to grow old too. 

Chandra Livia Candiani

I have read it. You must do it, too. It’s marvellous, I am surrounded by people in an airport and I am holding back my tears. The ending has left me breathless.

César Brie

Every work is the result of a long trip. A long trip that the Author has made when he didn’t even realise to have started it. The work is therefore the quintessence of this trip. Like the sons we give birth to. This is the hidden theme of this story, A story that is worth to be told.  

Andés Neuman