The project
Short film and Film

The project for the realisation of the short film first and the feature film thereafter was born from the writing of a short film entitled “The picture at your back” where the two main characters Livio, a professor and psychotherapist and Yerma, a thirty years old artist, knowing each other have the possibility to explore what their life seems willing to take them away. But sometimes the stories do not end when the author decides so. They seem to have a life of their own and continue day and night and in the most unexpected ways to ask to be written. They request more time, another life. They look for more words for their characters. And it is so that the writing of the short film has developed in the feature film. How did it happen? Yerma, in one of the first lines answers like this to Professor Livio Albani, her psychoanalyst: Livio: Why are you here? Yerma: to look again at the picture at your back

Her answer (from this the title of the work), introduces the heart of the plot, the beginning of a double story We are not going to obviously unveil how this detail is going to influence the story but the plot and everything that follows, begins from an unforeseeable and necessary flow. It is the story itself that step by step recreates the whole picture up until a totally unexpected ending, unexpected also for who has written it.    Frida Bruno